Apps that Make a Difference

When it comes to our development cases, our team can boast impressive track records which prove our expertise in custom app development. We have worked with numerous enterprises and small businesses providing them with cutting-edge software solutions via emerging technologies. Have a look at our recent development cases that brought additional business value to our clients.

Fault Detector

Working with an Australian railway company, we were asked to build an internal monitoring software that detects faults on railways. The project implied IoT technologies implementation as program collect information from transponders installed on the rails. The data gathered from the transponders enable the program to monitor rails’ reliability, analyse statistics, and form and send regular reports. Our solution automates fault detection and facilitates the work of the railway engineers.

Smart Light

One more project which implied the introduction of IoT technologies was related to the development of web simulation system and mobile remote control applications for iOS and Android operating system. Web system was built to demonstrate how customer’s smart lighting system performs in a real time, while mobile application’s aim was to help users have access to the system from any place and control the energy consumption and light quality. The program was designed in an intuitive and user-friendly way ensuring that users can easily control light output.

Event Locator

An ambitious startup project was delivered only this summer and had a huge success among users. The aim of the mobile application was to help users find the nearby events according to their preferences and interests. The program has an advanced search engine and integrated Google Maps API which assists users in making a route to the place. The application also has a social media component which enables users to communicate with each other and share pictures and videos taken at the event on the event page so that all event-related files are stored at one place.

Life Coach

Our client came to us with the willing to design a life coach application that helps users to track their mood, fight the stress and evaluate the past. The app has a training purpose helping people to analyse their life experience, make better choices, and increase confidence. The app works based on users entered information manually. Every time users write down their life experience they also enter their emotion, discovery, feelings, activity and discovery they made. The program collects this information and analyses it in an intuitive visual way and see the tendencies and consistent patterns.

Patient List

Working with a healthcare representative, our development team has created a brand-new application that makes patient managing all patients in an easy and efficient manner. The program eliminates paperwork and human mistakes with the help of secure, cloud-based technologies. The program enables to create patient rounds lists and access it in real time. The work is also streamlined due to ability submit new patients with a click. Besides, the app can sort patients based on their locations and medical conditions. Social functionality enables healthcare workers to communicate with each other and share expertise about particular cases.

Get Ready

One of our projects was dedicated to the development of a mobile application that could warn people about emergency situations, such as storms, earthquake, fires and others. The app delivers accurate information and weather warnings to users notifying them about dangers and how to behave in these extreme situations. The user can set up alert networks determining the current location and other important addresses and besides, users can share their alerts with the family members and friends.