What Is Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is software that handles all aspects of the operation of the fleet organization. An effective fleet software solution includes many powerful features such as complete management of the vehicle equipment life cycle, robust work instruction functions, store planning, warranty and claims tracking.

Why do you need a Fleet Management Software?

In many organizations, the assets of the vehicle equipment and the work required to maintain them are greatly increased. To be successful, vehicle managers need effective software tools to actively manage these costs and improve long-term planning. Fleet management software helps improve the performance through improved equipment / asset availability, reduced maintenance and repair (M & R) costs and improved vehicle utilization.

Main benefits of the specialised software:

  • Reduction of the vehicle ownership cost;
  • Extended life of vehicles;
  • Improve equipment availability;
  • Improved warranty recovery;
  • Optimization of inventory level;
  • Improve labor productivity;
  • Higher customer satisfaction;
  • Compliance with vehicle management and maintenance

Increase Visibility of the Fleet

It is difficult to know what really happens in the field. It could mean the loss of opportunities, low productivity or unnecessary costs. We can help you change it with a complete 360 degree view of the daily operation of your fleet.

By knowing what is happening in the field, you can dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and reduce the time it takes to call the driver update program. Our tracking supports small and large commercial fleets.

You can Access from Anywhere

An ultra-fast web-based map accessible from any device connected to the Internet. Supervisors and drivers on the site can see the same view that the manager returned to the office.

Detailed Map

The high resolution map with intelligent clustering and detailed demand is a tool that easily and powerfully shows the activity in almost real time and the current situation of all vehicles, workers, mobile devices anywhere.

Easy to use Board

Look at the important trends in teams, departments or the entire fleet. With the latest analysis, you can easily see the progress status to achieve and maintain KPIs and budgets.

Productivity / Utilization

The first step to improve your productivity is to cover what you have and how to use it. By improving the visibility, you can ameliorate asset utilization and do more work with fewer resources.

Fleet Management Software to Solve Transport Problems

We have elaborated an innovative approach to the development of a comprehensive portfolio of vehicle management software, including integrated software, SaaS applications, analytical platform designed for commercial fleets. Our goal is to support the productivity gains and performance of managers.

We are dedicated to providing value to fleets and business owners of all types and sizes, regardless of whether they are long distances or regions. Fleets around the world rely on vehicle management solutions to maximize resources, protect drivers and supervise operations.

A Proven Management Solution for all Aspects of your Fleet

The efficient and useful operation of the fleet is not easy. We need solutions to meet the needs of drivers, vehicles, customers and managers while complying with government regulations.

Our company empowers the organization to respond to all aspects of the business meeting the proven management software criterias such as:


Anticipate new changing regulations, focus on growth and avoid costly fines. The solutions we offer are 100% compatible with IFTA, ELD, HOS, FMCSA and DOT.

Data Analysis

you can use data to learn from past mistakes and make sensible decisions.

Planning + Delivery

Balancing the needs of workers, orders, vehicles and customers when planning the most efficient routes. Use the GPS management solution to allow fleets to deliver perfect deliveries with real-time data.


Get valuable information on assets, drivers, customers, etc. to maximize the performance of the fleet.


Protects assets and makes drivers safe. Our vehicle management solution uses important data to keep vehicles, drivers, cargo and reputation safe.

Transport Management

Fleets must be agile, innovative and prosper efficiently in a changing economy. Our transportation management solutions provide the necessary tools to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Our business software promote safe and adaptable driving, improves driver satisfaction and helps efficiently and effectively meet high customer expectations. Contact us today to discuss your project.